Hey there! Welcome to my tiny little literary corner of the world where I sometimes expound upon things in a far greater number of words than I shou–sorry, let’s try this again:

Welcome to my blog! I am overjoyed to have you here. And I hope that, along the way, you find a little piece of inspirational something that sticks with you 🙂

If you ever have a conversation with me in person, you’ll realize how difficult describing myself to others is for me. So, to make this a little less painfully-awkward than I actually am (think Anna in Frozen), here are 10 things you might–or might not, I don’t judge–want to know about me:

  1. I can relate absolutely anything back to a Disney movie; it’s truly an art. Now, how to convince the Disney employers of that?
  2. After 19 out of my total 20 years were lived in career cluelessness, I’ve decided to pursue my Master’s for Middle School Counseling.
  3. I love to draw, read, write–you know, those safe hobbies that don’t require any amount of rhythm or coordination.
  4. I don’t actually need glasses…
  5. I’m probably one of the 0.1% of young women in college who don’t drink coffee. I’m an apple cider or warm tea kind of gal.
  6. All forms of dance fascinate me, but I have the grace of a baby giraffe and the lightness of a depressed pigeon. (If you caught the movie reference in there, you’re my new best friend.)
  7. I used to say I would never leave my home state. Now, I’m considering perhaps studying abroad (I’m thinking Latin America… who knows!) or even missions during breaks. The details are still rather fuzzy, but as Carl and Ellie so aptly put it, “Adventure is out there!
  8. I’m currently a Junior transfer student at my university and I can honestly say this has been the best experience of my life, even only being three weeks in.
  9. Unbeknownst to my family and a great many of my friends, I’m a baby vegan. I chose this lifestyle at the beginning of the summer and can say I know God all the more because of it. Don’t worry, I won’t try converting you with depressing images or propoganda; I perfectly understand that meat is an everyday staple in the majority of your households, because it is in mine back home. This is just what works for me and I’ll happily share it with whoever would like to hear 🙂
  10. If I could take care of the whole world, I would. If I could feed everyone who’s hungry, I would. And even though I know I can’t help them all, I still try unsuccessfully, and am left with an oozing gash in my heart. Call it too much empathy. Which means this whole “opening up” thing isn’t the easiest for me. I’d much rather be the caretaker than the one who needs caring for. My prayer is that as I continue to open up here, with you wonderful readers, I will become more adept at doing so in my everyday life.

If you managed to read this all and survived the unnecessary Disney references thus far, I applaud you. Should you be brave enough for more, under their appropriate categories I have a whole slew of varying posts: study skills for those of you struggling through this whole college thing alongside me; fitness routines I’ve tried and lived to tell the tales; a section for singles; and other such random subjects.

My goal here is simple, dear dreamers. I pray to speak life into each of you, in the hopes that you’ll begin to see your life as the bountiful, beautiful gift it has every possibility of being.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll even start to do the same for another.