Christmas 2017

Jingle and Mingle: How to Survive a Christmas Party

I hope you’re having a wonderful evening, perhaps watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” (which I’ve never seen, believe it or not!).

We were attending my dad’s, long-time buddy’s Christmas party this afternoon before heading to the church cantata, and of course there was a ton of food there. Bacon-wrapped jalapeno peppers, greasy ham sandwiches, three different chip assortments, and let’s not forget the sausage-enriched dip.

Definitely not what I’d call the healthiest options.

Now, I’m definitely not saying to avoid these foods at all costs. It’s the holidays- if there’s a favorite treat you only get once a year, or maybe it’s something you just really like, go for it! You’ll be seeing me blissfully biting into my grandmother’s oatmeal sheet cake (to those of you who regularly read my posts, I’ve mentioned this thing like three times, I’m so sorry; I’ll have to get you the recipe so you can try what I’m talking about) on Christmas afternoon, I can promise you that!

But am I going to eat the entire cake? No.

Did I eat all those crummy foods at the Christmas party today? No.

If you want a few tips and tricks to better prepare for all the greasy or sugar-drowned goodies you’ll be facing at your own Christmas parties, then please keep reading 🙂


Pack something:

You may not be the full-week-in-a-day kind of meal prepper like me, and that’s a-okay. But being a little prepared goes such a long way. Just pack something- pack anything! I’m not lieing to you, I seriously had a can of green beans waiting for me in the car (yes, I know canned isn’t the greatest for you, but I kind of despise frozen veggies, and this is far better than that fatty dip anyway). Knowing you have something waiting for you in your lunchbox or in your car will give you the willpower to say no to those unhealthy options, while not even more unhealthily starving yourself.

peek a boo.jpeg

Out of sight, out of mind:

At our party this afternoon, almost all of the food was in this little side room off the foyer. So what did I do? I stayed away. I stayed in the living room with the dog and kids, I mingled with the adults (I may legally be an adult, but I am not an adult adult) in the dining room, I was everywhere except that room. Sure, I saw other people eating, but it wasn’t the same as if I were confined to that room (think of a recovering alcoholic being put into a room full of beer: if he stays in that room, how successful do you think he’ll be?).


Workout before:

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea that exercise should be used as an “excuse” to splurge. That’s not what I mean. What I do mean is that, by taking out some time for yourself in the morning/before you’re at that party brimming with junky foods, exercise can be a reminder of your goals. You wouldn’t spend twenty minutes scrubbing the inside of your car from top to bottom, just to let your kids inside with muddy cleets and jerseys on would you? Me neither! So even more, don’t spend your precious time and energy and motivation on pumping those muscles just to fuel yourself with grease and grime.



Speaking of those goals, think ahead. Think ahead to where you want to be in a week, in a month, in a year. Live in the now of course, enjoy your time with friends and family, but be conscious of the goals you’ve laid out for yourself and how your decisions will impact them. Employing a little self-control at one party goes a long way to keeping you on track for the rest of the parties–the desserts, the dinners, the cocktails–for the rest of this Christmas season.

I hope one of these, or all of these, can help you get a little more enjoyment out of your holiday get-togethers with a little less stress and guilt. Be merry and bright this Christmas! Try some new things, explore some new places 🙂 Don’t let a few seconds of tasty temptation derail you completely.

Thank you very much for reading! You are beautiful and you are loved ❤︎





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